The Best Gifts for Men of Style and Distinction: The Definitive Guide for 2023

The Best Gifts for Men of Style and Distinction: The Definitive Guide for 2023

Struggling to find the perfect gifts for men of style in your life? You’re not alone. A man with a high degree of style is often hard to shop for. But if you know where to look, and what kind of styles your men prefer, you can find a gift that makes your favorite men feel confident, respected, and honored, no matter the style.

Gifts for Men of Style with Classic Taste

The dapper man with classic taste loves clean lines, simple designs, and fine craftsmanship. Gaudy and garish accessories have no place in his wardrobe. Choosing the right piece means finding something that speaks to subtle elegance rather than boastful opulence. Here are three of our favorite classic gifts for men of style.

Black Silk Men’s Tie

For a man with classic style, a classic neck tie is a perfect gift. The Ox & Bull black silk tie is the perfect balance of simplicity and quality. And no man should be without a finely crafted basic tie like this.

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Black Silk Neck Tie | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Antique Silver Herringbone Tie Bar

Tie bars are ideal additions to a fine suit-and-tie pairing. With these simple pieces, men of style can elevate their look and remain classic and subtle. This antiqued silver tie bar is no exception. Its vintage herringbone pattern calls back to an era of strong and sophisticated men. It’s a perfect complement to a simple and classic look.

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Antique Herringbone Tie Clip | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Silver and Onyx Stud Set

For the man with important engagements on the horizon, a classic stud set is a must-have. Silver and onyx is the standard for black-tie occasions. Even when they need a less formal look, the cufflinks in this set are great gifts for men of style who want to look confident in any situation.

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Silver and Onyx Stud Set | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Engravable Men's Gifts

There’s no better way to memorialize a special occasion or milestone than a customized piece. Custom engraving takes a piece of jewelry from nice to remarkable. Whether it’s a simple monogram or an inspirational reminder, customizable gifts for men of style change significant moments into cherished reminders.

Engravable Rectangle Gold Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set

With the elegance of gold, this set is eye-catching twice over. Engrave a special message or add a sophisticated monogram to give your favorite dapper man an unforgettable gift.

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Engravable Gold Gift Set | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Engravable Espresso Cufflinks Collector’s Case

For the man who has everything, a collector’s box for his cufflinks is an ideal gift. With a custom engraved plate to add an extra touch of sentimental value, this gift will be a reminder of your man’s significance in your life for years to come.

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Cufflink Collector's Box | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Stainless Steel Engravable Classic Round Cufflinks

These cufflinks have been best sellers for us for years, and there’s a reason for that. Men love having subtle reminders of their most beloved people and moments in their lives. These elegant cufflinks can display a simple monogram, but they can also be laser engraved from a photo of loved ones or important milestones.

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Stainless Steel Engravable Cufflinks | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Unique Gifts for Men

For the man who stands out from the crowd, a gift to match his personality is an ideal choice. These gifts speak to the passions within your men without being corny or ridiculous.

3D Anchor Sterling Silver Lapel Pin

A man who longs for the sea deserves a gift that reminds him of the adventures to come. The detailed design work and quality materials offer a brilliant accessory for the seafaring man in your life.

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Silver Anchor Lapel Pin | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Horse Bit Stainless Steel Cufflinks

For the man with an equestrian passion, these cufflinks will catch the eye of any horse enthusiast without looking out of place. Made in durable stainless steel with exquisite detail, these cufflinks are sure to spark a conversation everywhere your man may be.

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Stainless Steel Horse Bit Cufflinks | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Golf Club Tie Clip

There’s nothing quite like the peace of 18 holes of golf. And any golfer loves to talk about their favorite passion with another like-minded soul. When it comes to gifts for men of style, this tie clip is a perfect conversation starter.

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Golf Club Tie Clip | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Fashion Forward Gifts

Adventurous souls know how to step past the bounds of tradition. These men stand on the edge of modern fashion, and a gift to match their bright and daring personalities will make a gift they’ll love for years to come.

Black Stainless Steel Black Crystal Cufflink and Stud Set

Talk about a stunning set. Taking classic style and elevating it into contemporary fashion, this unique set inlays black pave crystal in bold black stainless steel cufflink faces and studs. This set makes a confident impression by contrasting the conventional formal sets with a spark of fire and unique craftsmanship.

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Black Pave Crystal and Black Stainless Stud Set | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Silver and Gold 3D Elephant Head Cufflinks

Only the most fashion-forward men dare to venture past traditional bounds. And this set of cufflinks embraces that adventure in incredible detail. The elephant serves as a symbol of strength, prosperity, and wisdom, a perfect gift for men with the courage to stand out from the mundane. An eye-catching two-tone design featuring an intricate elephant’s head makes this piece a truly beautiful addition to any collection of fine men’s jewelry.

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3D Elephant Head Cufflinks | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Green Floral Tie and Pocket Square Gift Set

This gift set matches dignified styling with vivid print to create an impactful pair of fine accessories. The dramatic contrast of the floral print on the green silk tie makes a bold contrast against white dress shirts, and the matching pocket square gives your man a finished look.

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Green Floral Tie and Pocket Square Gift Set | Ox & Bull Trading Co.

Find the Best Gifts for Men of Style in 2023 with Ox & Bull

Finding the perfect gifts for men of style and distinction is no easy task. But giving a piece that crystalizes a special memory, embodies their passions, or gives their attire that extra edge is the perfect choice every time.

At Ox & Bull, we’re dedicated to creating quality men’s accessories to elevate style, add sophistication, and make memories into legacies. This is the year to give your man the classic, stylish, and timeless look he deserves.