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Men's Jewelry: A Definitive Guide to Modern Accessories for Men

Suits, ties, socks, and shoes. It’s easy to get caught up in men’s clothing. The styles can either lend a sense of confidence and strength or a sense of relaxation and ease. But what about men’s jewelry? Let’s just say that most men neglect the importance of fine jewelry, usually passing that fashion arena off to the women around them. This should not be the case!

Men’s jewelry has a profound impact on the look and feel of dress attire, whether for formal occasions or casual gatherings. From cufflinks and tie bars to rings and watches, men can add to their distinctive styles in unique and eye-catching ways.

These Antique Herringbone Cufflinks offer an elevated look for any suit.

A sharp look only gets sharper with the right men’s jewelry. These elegant and understated antique herringbone cufflinks offer the finishing touch to an already handsome outfit.

But how much is too much? And what’s best for your upcoming event? Let’s explore some specific style guides for wearing men’s jewelry with dignity and class.

What Kinds of Men's Jewelry Are Out There?

Men’s jewelry refers broadly to any metal or decorative pieces that can be added to an outfit to complement and enhance its look. The pieces aren’t necessarily meant to be permanently connected to any particular outfit, but instead, they should be able to move from one set of clothes to another. Here are some of the options out there:

  • Cufflinks, shirt studs, and waistcoat buttons
  • Watches and rings
  • Tie bars and tie clips
  • collar pins, collar clips, and collar bars
  • Lapel pins and chains
  • Chains and fobs
  • Bracelets, necklaces, and chains
  • Belt buckles

As you can see, there are plenty of options out there to spice up your wardrobe. Whether it’s the most formal attire (stud sets and waistcoat buttons) or a boardroom suit (tie bars and collar pins), you can make a statement that matches your personality and creates a sense of sophistication.

(centered image)

A sophisticated yet personal touch to the classic wedding tuxedo, these kinetic watch movement cufflinks make a lasting impression without being ostentatious.

The Do's and Don'ts of Men's Jewelry

Adding jewelry to your formal or casual attire is about polishing an already clean and deliberate look, finishing out the style you create with your fabrics, patterns, and colors. For this reason, it’s worth investing in a collection that fits your typical styles and can coordinate with several of your favorite combinations. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you start your collection.

DON'T Mix Metals

Yellow gold goes perfectly with yellow gold, as silver does with silver. However, combining the two in different jewelry pieces doesn’t work well. A silver tie bar shouldn’t be mixed with a gold watch chain; it simply looks haphazard.

The exception to mixing metal colors is when a piece is intentionally designed with multiple types of metal, such as a two-tone lapel pin or studs. In these cases, the combination is meant to pop against the shirt, clearly a design choice, not an accident.

A handsome pop of character, this pineapple lapel pin is perfect for your next event.

DON'T Overdo It

It may be tempting to go all in with jewelry, but the result is a gaudy, over-the-top look that lacks the kind of class that a simple, solitary piece of jewelry can achieve. This includes the proportions of the men’s jewelry. An oversized watch may be great with casual clothing, but for a formal event, a well-proportioned and simple watch demonstrates a controlled and purposeful demeanor.

And a simple, classic cufflink design serves this function perfectly.

Classic cushion cufflinks in sterling silver and onyx go with any attire, from black tie to professional, while looking classic and understated.

DON'T Wear Jewelry That Clashes

It might be tempting to wear your favorite watch or cufflinks to every event you have on your calendar, but be careful with colors and designs. Men’s jewelry can include precious and semi-precious stones, which add rich and vibrant colors to a suit or tuxedo. However, be careful to match your jewelry to your accessories, fabrics, and patterns. A color-matched tie bar will look excellent with a coordinated tie, but the same tie bar may look quite out of place with the wrong shirt or pocket square.

Navy Inlaid Plated Tie Clip - a perfect complement for any navy tie or suit.

DO Spend Money on Quality Pieces

First and foremost, spend your money on pieces that provide quality rather than buying multiple low-end pieces. A fine piece of silver or gold men’s jewelry may cost more than base metal or steel pieces, but it will last longer and provide a more sophisticated look.

Likewise, more subtle pieces of fine jewelry will make a better impression than oversized pieces of everyday jewelry.

This JFK Presidential stud set is the perfect investment for a timeless look on any occasion.

DO Select Pieces That Are Personally Meaningful

Your jewelry should reflect your style, attitude, and personality. A watch that just looks fancy isn’t nearly as interesting as a watch with a story. Choose what you love rather than just something to seem impressive. Whether it’s a vintage ring from your grandfather’s jewelry box or a unique tie bar that reminds you of a significant moment in your life, your choices should bring about fond memories and start conversations.

Silver Knot Rope Tie Bar, for the nautically inclined man.

DO Choose According to Your Occasion

Black- and white-tie events have stringent conventions and expectations, so jewelry choices will be limited to only a few styles of cufflinks, shirt studs, and waistcoat buttons.

But less formal events, including red carpets, balls, and social gatherings, open the doors to more adventurous choices. Here, your cufflinks can speak more to your interests or passions, as can the addition of necklaces or chains for open-shirt looks.

These skull cufflinks are a bold statement, but for the right occasion, they're the right choice.

The Perfect Men's Jewelry

Modern fashion focuses on personality more than opulence. A piece of men’s jewelry purchased for thousands of dollars simply because of its price is not as sophisticated as a piece of jewelry that holds meaning regardless of its market value. A true gentleman honors the past, anticipates the future, and lives in the present with confidence, wisdom, and kindness. When choosing the perfect jewelry for yourself, keep in mind that you are telling your story, not flashing your bank account.

At Ox & Bull, we are in the business of creating moments that sustain memories. We want to give men the confidence to establish their own legacies. Our carefully designed and crafted men’s jewelry and accessories honor the men that made us who we are today while stepping into the future with our families. Start your collection with Ox & Bull pieces that speak to your personality and establish a tradition for the men in your life.